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04/09/2004 Entry: "*feeble cough*"

Sick again. I say "again" as if I've just recently been sick, but no...I'm just talking about my annual battle against the allergy attack that somehow evolves into bronchitis. Geh...so..."darui." Japanese word that somehow manages to lump "tired" and "limp" and "listless" and "AUUURRRRGHHNNNNN" into two syllables. Not being able to breathe sucks. Feeling as if there's someone thumping your head with a sledgehammer every time your heart beats blows.

...speaking of sucking and blowing, today I went to a car wash but was chagrined to find that the nifty jet engine car-drying mechanism refused to acknowledge my presence. I complained to Hubby about this when I got home, but my wording was a bit garbled...

"I bought the four dollar car wash but it didn't come with a blow job."

Kids, this is what sinusitis does to you. Don't ever get hooked on allergies. It'll ruin your life.

Jonathan is the most perfect, adorable, loveable baby ever. When God peers down at Jon-boi, He blows on His fingernails and then gives smug looks to the seraphim. Will upload some pictures...whenever my sinuses allows me to bend down to hook up the USB for the digi-cam without demanding brain matter delivered through my eardrums as payment.

Am currently watercoloring Fox's belated birthday present and finalizing Shaz's sketch. The thing that totally cracks me up is that there are nipples in Fox's present but not in Shaz's. Doesn't that just seem...wrong?

I logged in in order to...Lord, I hate it when a word repeats itself in a sentence. It looks so wrong. Anyway, I logged in with the intent to blog about something very specific but bugger'd if I can remember what it was. Good Friday night.

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NIPPLES!!!! *dances for joy*

Ok, perhaps it seems a tad... opposite of the norm when you put it like that, but these are man nipples,a nd that makes all the difference, ne? *can't wait to see*
Posted by LadyFox @ 04/10/2004 12:13 AM PST

Man nipples RAWK!
Posted by Teri @ 04/10/2004 03:06 PM PST


Posted by SHAZ @ 04/17/2004 07:32 PM PST

I know the feeling when it comes to bronchitis. I get that cause of allergies every year. I would try going to school with it but something in the building makes it worse so the students nicknamed it the demon cough and the teacher's would send me to the nurse's ofice for coughing so loud it was disrupting the class.
Posted by Lumias @ 04/19/2004 01:26 PM PST

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Posted by Shaz @ 04/26/2004 04:33 PM PST

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