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03/18/2004 Entry: "Note to self: don't let your mouth get ahead of your brain."

Edamood: embarassed.

A tech just called in and instead of asking if I could put him on hold, I blurted, "May I hold you?" Gah. *beats head on desk*

I do believe this beats the time I asked Actelion's Marketing Director to sign my "chest request form." That, at least, could have been passed off by Mr. E as something he must have misheard. And the actual question itself sounds like a fairly reasonable request, since it is a plain and simple fact that I have no chest to speak of. *sends e-mail to Mooncalf, asking for bodaciousness donation*

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Oh, too funny!

Once I was ordering some specific-material labels (polyolefin or something) for my pre-mom job, and partway through the geek discussion I said "Talk tech to me, baby," just as Le Boss Lady came in. =:O

BTW, Meriko, what subject/fandom are you writing about when you FMF? Just curious.
Posted by Grace @ 03/18/2004 12:34 PM PST

May I hold you? Will you be my friend? I'm all needy inside... ;)
Posted by Toly @ 03/18/2004 12:34 PM PST

When I FMF, I just grab the first fandom that comes to mind along with the ficlet idea. ^^; I've written Parasite Eve, X-Files, Final Fantasy IX, and a little bit out of my own little fantasy story. *bats playfully @ Grace & Toly*
Posted by Meriko @ 03/18/2004 01:57 PM PST

stop tweekin off ur ass. and u'll answer the fone right. j/k!
Posted by akira @ 03/19/2004 12:16 AM PST

You actually ASK people if you could put them on hold!?! O_O
Posted by Z @ 03/19/2004 04:53 AM PST

I remember working Customer Service at a bookstore..

It was around Christmas, and I think we even had a book signing that night. Employees are supposed to go through the whole "Thank you for calling ... " schpeel, but I was so overwhelmed that day.

I answered a call and just blurted out "Hello?"

Guess who was on the other end?

You got it. The CEO of the franchise.
Posted by L. Brown @ 03/27/2004 09:13 AM PST

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